Tuesday Shoesday: DV Dolce Vita Jentry

Last year in the Nordstrom Catalog there was a slew of spring time booties including the DV Dolce Vita cutout back Jentry.  I was obsessed.  Recently, I found them at Nordstrom Rack, scooped them up protectively.  I nearly wore them out of the store and have been wearing them practically daily since.
Dolce Vita Jentry Booties Set

Zella legging ($58) / Dolce vita shoes  ($48 at the Rack) / J Crew  Necklace / Factory chambray shirt ($46)
I wish I could find them tan color as well because I can already tell these will be a wardrobe staple for me.

Guinness Cake with Baileys Frosting

St. Patrick’s Day is a big day in our house, this comes from R’s side of the family, who really goes big on March 17 annually.  My first St. Patrick’s Day with the Hanley’s, I flew up from SLC to visit Rory in Bozeman and we drove back to Billings to spend the holiday with his family.  A couple memories stand out from that trip, sipping Amaretto with R’s grandmother, then watching her complete a full jig while all the young cousins tried to keep up, and of course the Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Last week, we couldn’t make it back to Montana for the big day so we hosted a get together at our house and I prepared Corned Beef and Cabbage, plenty of potatoes, coleslaw, and the finale, Guinness Cake.


Instead of the traditional cream cheese frosting, I whipped in a couple tablespoons of Baileys.  The result was rich, sweet, and tasted a lot like an Irish Carbomb.


Although St. Paddy’s Day has passed, this cake would make a great Father’s Day treat as well.


P.S.  Nigella’s recipe can be found converted and adapted a bit here to use American style measurements.

Baked Eggs

I’ve been really into baked eggs lately (okay more like the last year) – breakfast, lunch, dinner, any meal… throw an egg on it.  The nice part is – you can use whatever is in your fridge as the base, crack an egg on top, bake it, that’s a well balanced meal right there.

Sunday, I started by frying some chopped pepper bacon, added sweet potato, and brussels sprouts and let those roast for 10-15 minutes. (Use a pan that is oven safe.)



Crack an egg on top…


And bake at 400 degrees for 5-8 minutes or until the white is no longer runny.

You really can use whatever you have on hand – tomato, spinach, onion or kale, hash brown, garlic or root vegetable (beet, turnip, sunchoke), onion, garlic, greens.  It’s easy to add a breakfast meat like bacon or ham, and just as simple to omit the meat.

Have a great week everyone!




I grew up in the PNW, but I’m rooting for the Broncos

There is a lot of excitement leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl when the Seattle Seahawks face the Denver Broncos.  I love an event that brings a city together as much as anyone else, and I’m totally feeling the energy surrounding the game.  Even though, I grew up in the Seattle area, I’ll be rooting for the Broncos.  I feel almost guilty about this and have been contemplating why I feel that way for the past week or so.

I didn’t grow up in a pro football family, college ball, yes, but NFL – not so much.  Last time the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl, I was in college and skied 24 inches of fresh snow at Big Sky instead of watching the game.  I hardly even paid attention to the NFL until about 7 years ago, when I started dating Rory.  Usually, I’d spend Sundays at the gym or skiing and meet him to watch the end of a game.  His family has always been huge Broncos fans, and had season tickets his whole life.  We drove from Montana or Utah a couple times a year to go to Mile High Stadium, where I would spend the game high fiving when appropriate, and purchasing 2 giant beers at a time in steady increments.

Broncos2007Our first Broncos game together in 2007.

Moving back to the Seattle area, I would root for the Seahawks and Broncos simultaneously and we went to the pre-season game at Century Link Field.   It was my first Seahawks game and my first time in the stadium.  I was impressed by how loud it really is.  Despite the Broncos loss, our group had a good time.

I really am happy that a football team has united the whole area.  The Seahawks have taken over all of my social media feeds and every single business is featuring some sort of Seahawks pride with a discount.  That’s awesome.

Tomorrow though - I want the Broncos to win because it will make my husband happy.


glassybaby 2nds sale

glassybaby 2nds sale

It’s wall to wall packed and I’m frantically looking around for S.  Panic in my eyes, a lady whispers, “Need a light?” I nod enthusiastically and she shines it into the grayish/blue candle holder.  Sarah appears out of nowhere and … Continue reading 


Happy New Year!

Like everyone else, the beginning of a new year represents a fresh start for me.  I reminisce on the past year, thinking fondly and sometimes not so fondly of moments that I hope to or hope to not remember forever.  It can be difficult to avoid dwelling on what was not accomplished.  The key is to remember that tomorrow is always a new day, and whether it is January 1st or August 15th, you can resolve to make positive changes in your life any time of the year.  That being said, I have a few of my own that I will be starting…today, though I may choose to tack on more throughout the year.  My goal: make it all 52 weeks without giving up.  Frequent gym goers are familiar with the “January Crowd” – The people that resolve to better themselves by working out, but come February, the gym, like-clockwork, slims down again (pun intended?) when people quit, get too busy and give up.  I challenge you this year to make time for your resolutions.  Don’t be a ”January Crowd”.  Push yourself, so that next year, your resolution will not be the same as last year and the year before and the year before and the year before….. but positive additions to your lifestyle.

This year I gained new members to the family and lost some others.  For the family we gained, I love you with my heart.  It is hard to believe there was a time without you because you fit in as if you were always there.  For those we lost, I resolve to remember you everyday.  Remember how you touched our lives, but not dwelling on the last conversation I’d wished we had.

This was my best year yet, I hope 2014 is even better.  Cheers!





Sunday Dinner: Individual Tamale Pies

Sunday Dinner: Individual Tamale Pies

Hot damn. It’s been a minute. Christmas is over – and it was another fantastic one for the books.  Now, I’ve purged the house of all the sweets, and I’m ready to get back to clean eating.  We hosted a … Continue reading 

Tuesday Shoesday: Zara Quilted Ankle Boot

The best part about clothes and shoes is that you can take on different styles and personas depending on what you wear.  Something about these Zara Quilted Ankle Boots just scream sexy to me.  Paired with all black everything, I’d be happy to circulate these into my closet.


Zara Quilted Ankle Boot Set


I started a new job about a month ago, which is why 1000 Wonderful Things has been a little quiet.  My schedule changed a lot, which I’m still adjusting to, but also, I’m having a hard time thinking of writing inspiration.  I’ve been cooking quite a bit the last few weeks but not taking photos, I’m still as ever obsessed with shoes, but I haven’t been pinning any of my faves, sometimes, the mind needs to quiet itself to find new creativity.

20101105_Hannah-Rory_Details_093photo: Erik Seo

Thinking of you.




Pendleton Chair Inspiration

Yesterday my sister-in-law posted this pic on instagram.



My response is pretty clear and warranted.  That chair is amazing.  Further stalking shows that is a fixture at Under the Needle Tattoo in Seattle.  I can’t get it out of my mind!  My love for Pendleton is deep.  A couple weeks ago my friend Lindsey picked up a couple of chairs for me at Goodwill. I need to get them from her soon, and now I’m thinking that this style could be a great way to go on the re-upholstery.



Taking inspiration from this image:


There are lots of Pendleton and Hudson blankets on ebay, but is it terrible to cut one up just to reupholster something?  I’m kicking myself for not buying a patched Hudson last year at a thrift shop in Port Townsend – it was only $25 and it would’ve been perfect for something like this!

What do you guys think? Worth using a blanket for or should I find a similar geometric pattern at the fabric store?