Tillandsia – the ultimate house plant

I can’t help the fact that I absolutely adore plants, I love the instant brightness they add to a room. They also become similar to children to me.  I have a couple of houseplants that I have owned for nearly 5 years, and that I raised since they were mere seedlings including a Tai form Hawaii, an aloe for the ultimate sunburn cure, and a hand me down from an event I worked a couple years ago.

One of my favorite places in Salt Lake to go to check out flowers, cactuses, succulents, plus gorgeous displays is Cactus & Tropicals. Located in the Millcreek area and with another store in Draper, this gem is truly full of surprises.

I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to buy every single thing in the store, however, the hubby was with me to put the kibosh on the $100 orchid displays, the $60 planters, and the $40 bonsai trees. So, I narrowed my selections down to a couple of saucy succulents, and a Tillandsia ball.  Tillandsia otherwise known as an air plant, is quite possibly the easiest plant to keep indoors.  Give it some light, water it every couple weeks and it will survive.

Lovely ball of green goodness

Cactus & Tropicals has tons of absolutely gorgeous displays featuring these spider looking plants, including other supplies like sand, stones, and glass vases, lanterns, or bottles.  So, my suggestion if you are looking to add a little green to your life is head to your local garden store, pick up an air plant and get creative.


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