The first sign of summer? Peonies…

Last week I was in hot pursuit of peonies.  I love having fresh flowers in the house, simply because I think they add a bright element to any room.  Peonies are particularly exciting because they trigger memories of the beginning of summer for me.  I love that within a few days of having them they aren’t dying, they’re opening up and revealing their full glory of color.

Historically, the peony is native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America.  Since the late 900s, the flower has been seen in Chinese art as a symbol of riches and honor.

photo: hh

Lucky for us, it is pretty easy to find peonies in local flower shops or specialty grocery stores this time of year.  The ballet slipper pink, fuschia, and violet all caught my eye at my local Whole Foods.  However, an all white bouquet can be incredibly breathtaking as well.

Whether you favor peonies or not, I have to say that any fresh flowers will add a surprising positive addition to your day and your space.


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