She Da Cheetah

After reading my sister’s most recent post, I began to question my own intentions.  Everyone says, “Be yourself.”  which seems to be easy enough advice.  However, what about those of us who are unsure of who they are or where they are heading?  I find myself in the exact position, wondering how to act natural in this superficial world of ours.

There is only one thing I know for sure, and that is shoes.  I used to be the girl wearing every color of the rainbow plus some.  I like to be wild and vibrant, and anyone who “knows” me would agree.  If you’ve seen “What Not to Wear”, the television show, you know that every day real people struggle to let go of their over-the-top style in fear of losing themselves.  Its only natural to feel stripped of your identity.  I can’t help but think of the many animals that I have encountered that very much have a personality, and are sporting the same coat as their pack.  I, in turn, think of the neutral shoe.  It is completely wearable with every color, during every season.  Some of us might think of our favorite taupe boot, or favorite nude pump, or my personal favorite, the blush colored loafer.  What do we love so much about the natural colored souls?  Just like an animal in the wild, we are stripped of our intentional differences and we say “yeah, this is what color I am, so what?”  It is nakedness in its most pure form.

You may realized now that I am probably digging a bit further into this neutral shoe thing than what most people are actually thinking when they put them on.  Nevertheless, if you want to really embrace your wild woman, put aside your hot pink stilettos for a splash of the wild and take a dance with my friend, the cheetah.  It says, “I like to run free, I challenge you to tame me.”  Wild animals and humans are not so different, so trade in your Birthday Suit shoes for some Cheetah Suit shoes and watch the heads turn.

There are not many things I know for sure about myself, but I do know shoes.  As Hannah mentioned, life can throw you curve-balls, the only thing you can do is be on your toes (or the tips of your cheetah shoes).  All you can do is put yourself out there, it can be vulnerable and scary, but with a power shoe, I believe anything is possible.

See how Kim Kardashian pairs Cheetah shoes with this outfit that could have also easily worked great with a nude shoe?

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I for one just picked up these casual Sperry Top-Sider Brantpoints in Cheetah print and cannot WAIT to embrace my inner animal when I wear them!

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