Aren’t Neighbors the Best?

Neighbors.  Sometimes they can be real rotten.  Maybe it’s the one that lets their dog do their business in your lawn and plays loud music into the wee hours of the night.  Maybe it’s the one that has managed to find every car that is broken and doesn’t run in the county to park in their lawn.  Or maybe it is just a grouchy neighbor that doesn’t seem very neighborly at all.  In my experience I have come across a few rotten neighbors, but even more truly outstanding ones.  It doesn’t take much.  Maybe an invite here and there to BBQs and Birthday Parties.  Maybe a quick stop by to say “Hi, how’s it going, we made some zucchini muffins and thought you might like some”.  Tonight I experienced something spectacular from a not-so-spectacular situation…

I was minding my own business, cutting a watermelon when a felt a quick pinch to my thumb and looked down to find my hand covered in blood.  In a panic (I don’t handle blood so well), I did the only thing I thought to do: Call Mom.  She proceeded to called our neighbor to come over and check on me.  Within seconds I heard a knock at the door.  Our generous neighbor sat with a blood soaked towel wrapped around my finger tightly while making casual and comforting small talk.  She even finished cutting up my watermelon and cleaned up the knife and cutting board.  After I pulled my rattled self together best I could, I said I could take it from here.  Although I admit, I was trying to act like an adult and the moment she walked out the door tears began to stream down my cheeks again.  The bleeding had slowed but certainly not stopped.  An hour later our neighbor was back over with a plate of cookies, fresh band aids, a smile and hug.  Each one of these things really covered the key basics I needed.

It wasn’t much, but in a time of panic, I was really appreciative the neighborly act.  It really is the littlest things that can be the most wonderful.


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