There’s no place like home

It has been almost a week since I left Park City and moved back to the Pacific Northwest.  People keep asking me why and how the hubby and I came to this decision.  And the majority of it is that, there truly is no place like home.  In the past week, I’ve spent more time with my family and family friends then I have in a very long time.  I already miss Park City, but I know that all of the amazing friends that we made while we were in Utah will visit us, and we will visit them.  We will stay in touch, it’s pretty much mandatory in the digital age.

In the mean time, I’m soaking up all things Washington right now including wine country (this view is from Windy Point Vineyards in the Yakima valley).

photo: hh

Happy hour (we didn’t have those in Utah) – last night it was at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar in Seattle where I got to drink L’Ecole’s 2009 Semillon.  I’ve heard that the spot used to be a bank location, now they use the big circle center staircase as wine storage/display and as the bar location.

photo: hh

And views of the water.

photo: hh

Change is good and there really is no place like home.


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