Lightning Speed Garden Growth

Summer might be winding down a bit but that doesn’t mean it’s time to close up shop on the gardening.  There is still time to plant a few colder weather vegetables.  I took advantage of some space in my mom’s planters (she has to use planters in the front of the house because one of their dogs loves to munch down some of his favorites including the herbs, and it’s a good way to avoid slugs).  I decided to pick up radish, beet, and arugula seeds.  I planted them last Friday and low and behold, they’ve already sprouted!

photo: hh

Radish sprouts!

photo: hh

Arugula sprouts! With my mom’s thriving basil and a couple of rogue pansies.

Is there anything more exciting then watching something grow? It can be as simple a plant, or as complex as a child, growth is wonderful.


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