Local food, local heart, local health…

We can’t turn a corner these days without hearing about a restaurant that is going local. This is not a new concept, our grandparents were the actual founding fathers of this concept. The hard part is, what does buying local actually mean? For me, it is an obsession with finding new ingredients at the farmer’s market and learning about what they can be used for. It is about planting a very small planter box with some basic easy grow veggies. It is about harvesting every single tomato possible that is ripening on my parent’s bushes and learning what to do with the squash that was supposed to acorn squash and is so obviously not. Last weekend R and I had the privilege of visiting S and hitting up the Bellingham Farmer’s Market.  A market that should not and cannot be reckoned with, the amount of local produce represented is truly amazing. We didn’t buy much, as I had enough local 7.1% alcohol content Chuckanut Brewery Vienna Lager pulsing through my veins, that I also was a force to be reckoned with. But I did snap this pic of mushrooms that emulates the Bellingham market.

photo: hh

Much to my surprise when I got home last night, my dad had a supply of morel mushrooms that his friend gathered nearby.  We crafted the mushrooms into a red sauce that was delicious and good for you.

There is no time like the present to take the opportunity to invest in your local farmers. Whether it is picking produce grown in the US while you’re at the super market or hitting up your nearest farmer’s market, co-op, or fruit stand – commit to learning where and how the things that you are putting in your body are grown.

So I challenge you – buy something adventurous that you have never cooked this week and use it. Have you ever sauteed beets? Put wild mushrooms on your pizza? Added goat cheese to your salad? These are ingredients that I know you can utilize.

Be well.


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