I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes positive and negative thoughts become reality. I have grown a lot in 2011, but can see that in 2012 there are changes that I would like to make. I think that everyone goes through phases in their life where they feel like things need to be truly re-evaluated. I’ve never done resolutions, but I’m into goals, so here is what I have planned for 2012.

1. Exercise with conviction. We all have days where we get to the gym and half ass our way through 20 minutes of cardio, while it may be better then doing nothing, it certainly isn’t making the same mental impact as putting your nose to the grind, and pumping out that 20 minutes as a high heart rate. My tool: the New Balance HRT Fit Monitor – it counts calories, your bpm without a dorky chest strap, and supports breast cancer if you get the Komen version.


2. Accept where you are and be proud of what you are doing. My former job was fun, lots of hard work, and glamorous at times. I haven’t stopped looking for a new job, however, it is important for me to realize how much of a learning experience my current position can be, and how I can take steps to conjure more responsibility. My tool: local networking events to meet new people in order to feed potential business.

3. Save more, spend less. Easier said then done. I love shopping, eating out, fine wines, and I have an affinity for shoes. R and I have decided to spend some time this year looking at houses to buy which necessitates money saved for not only a mortgage, insurance, utilities and other things, but also furniture. I’ve never owned any piece of furniture larger then our bed so once we make a move, I guess we’ll have to buy a chair or something. My tool: inspiration.

photo: Sarah Richards Design

4. Bake, but with less butter. I love butter, it makes anything taste good. And that is what makes baking with it so easy. For Christmas I received a KitchenAid mixer and by golly I am going to put it to good use, however, I’m going to do so while learning about baking and cooking with less fat, recipes to come.


5. Take social chances. Meet up with old friends, say yes when I don’t feel like it, and have a friendly face. I haven’t lived in this area in 5 plus years, I miss my friends from Utah, but it’s time to step out of the ol’ comfort zone. My tool: the trusty iphone, no excuse to not find someone on Facebook, connect on Twitter, or just make a phone call.


Lets do this 2012 and lets do it big. I’m ready for what you have in store for me.

What are your goals for 2012?


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  1. Love all of these! Maybe because they’re pretty darn similar to my own current life goals :) you always know I’m here for support! Xo

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