Tuesday Shoesday: Nudes

I am loving the neon and brights trend for spring.  I love it so much that I almost forgot about my love for nudes.  Recently, I bought a bright color-blocked dress (the dress is pictured below) and was pondering the shoes to go with.  At first I was wondering about another bright, maybe a hot pink?  Too much.  It wasn’t until a noticed another item in my closet – a striped neon yellow and tan top – that I realized what I needed: nude.  A simple nude had completely slipped my mind!  Nudes are the perfect pairing the bright color trend.  They perfectly complement wild colors and even prints.


Photo from ideeli.com
Dress by LOVE… ADY

I love these patent “bronzed clay” wedges from J.Crew.  They could be worn casual or dressed up and the wedge makes them totally wearable all day.

Photo from JCrew.com

For something that is a little closer to earth, try these patent flats in the same “bronzed clay”.

Photo from JCrew.com

Tune in next week for another edition of our Tuesday Shoesday!



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