Bucket List

This past weekend was “Back 2 Bellingham” or alumni weekend at Western.  With the sun shining and activities going on all over campus I started feeling pretty sentimental about graduating.  Okay…I’ve been feeling sentimental all quarter, but having the count to graduation slowly shift from months to weeks to days has really given me a shake.  The anxiety and concern that I didn’t do everything I should have before leaving college is increasing, so I have decided to create a bucket list to be completed before June 9th graduation.  So far it is rather short, but I’m looking for help.

1. Swim in the Red Square fountain

2. Climb Oyster Dome

3. Run Lake Padden

4. Watch the sunrise

I am asking Western or Non-Western students and graduates: What should I do before leaving?  What did you wish you would have done before leaving?



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