Tuesday Shoesday: Aren’t half sizes funny?

A couple of weeks ago I woke up and performed my morning ritual – checking flash sale sites.  I’ve learned through the years that checking these sites in the morning, right after you wake up, is the worst time.  You’re disoriented, tired and capable of making really compulsive online purchases.  Okay I admit, I’m no stranger to online compulsive shopping, but this particular time takes the cake.  I found the Matisse Hendrix sandal on Hautelook.com for $34.  A shoe that sold for $140 when it first came out.  Unfortunately, the 8.5 was sold out.  In my delusional online shopping frantic state I put the 8 in my cart, and decided that the leather straps will maybe stretch.  The truth is, the only shoe I own in an 8 is an UGG Boot and any other size 8 shoe is a thing of my fifth grade past.  Still, I crossed my fingers with hope.  I could tell the second I pulled them from the box that I was pushing my limits.  Sure enough, too small.  Aren’t half sizes funny?

Lucky for H, they fit her and I didn’t have to deal with returning.

Matisse Hendrix Sandal

The Matisse Hendrix Sandal can currently be picked up in Black, Tobacco and Beige at endless.com for $89.05.   Endless offers free shipping and returns, so if you jump on these babies and order a half size wrong, Endless has you covered.



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