Dog Ears

S and I spent last weekend at our family’s lake place on Priest Lake in North Idaho. We borrowed a party barge from our parent’s friends and putted around the lake.  I love this photo of Ripken with his ears floating in the wind.

Don’t you love how doggie ears feel like velvet? Rip is 11 years old, he likes to rest his chin on your lap and close his eyes that now have cataract in them. I feel like massaging his soft ears makes his eyes feel a little better.

Happy holiday weekend!



One thought on “Dog Ears

  1. It’s even better than that: Rip is 12 and came with his name when we got him at 3 months old. He was named after Cal Ripken so his real name is Ripken! He has always been too fast for us to yell more than Rip! :) Annnd his ears are like silk!

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