Developing a Taste for Coffee

I have been a regular coffee drinker for almost seven years.  The year I got my drivers license, I cruised through coffee stands ordering lattes like I had been doing it for years.  I drank lattes all through high school, but when I got to college my budget shifted and I needed a cheaper drink.  I switched to americanos and drip coffees with milk added.  Still, I think I never have devolved a real taste for distinguishing the difference between blends and roasts.  One of the quality specialist at Dormans Coffee has challenged me to develop this taste.  Each day, when they are quality testing, (called cupping) he calls me to come  taste the coffee too.  Today, I tried our Espresso and Suprema blends side-by-side and then the dark vs. medium roast Suprema blend.  He tells me that before I leave he is going to test me with all of the coffees (thirteen blends in all) and have me guess which is which.

Hope I am up for the challenge!



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