2013: The year of the wedding!

S and I don’t typically do super personal posts on here, but we do talk about goals. So…I think this fits…

My good friend from growing up just asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! I am soooo excited, and makes the number of weddings that I am in for 2013 – 3. Yes, I will be in 3 weddings this year.  On that note, I know my family and friends have heard me say about a billion times that I want to get fit, lose weight, look hot. Blah, blah, blah. But this year, you guys, I’m serious. I have to do it. When R and I got married, I felt good. I was strong, and my dress was flattering. So my goal is to get back down to that weight-ish.



In the past couple of years I’ve realized several things about myself, all of which, are road blocks that I’ve created myself that prevent me from getting to the goal weight I want to be.

1. I love sweets.  I’ve always worked out, I have to for my sanity. But I also find myself mentally unprepared to turn down any chance to nosh on a bit of chocolate, cookies, or dessert.  My love of baking contributes to this.  Plus, R doesn’t eat sweets, like, at all.  He’ll eat his token Reeses Egg at Easter time, but that is it. No jokes. He just doesn’t crave it like I do. So when I bake something, it’s strictly for myself, and I usually end up taking it to work or my parents house to share with them.  I have to be able to limit my sweets intake.  Just because you hit the gym for an hour or two, means you refuel with good food not sweets. #getitgirl

2.  This….
bodyjournalBefore the wedding (we got married in 2010) – I used My Fitness Pal to drop some lbs. Find me here.  Also, over the summer, I purchased a food scale.  I’ll be honest – I bought it so I could weigh out ingredients for baking. BUT, it’s a cross-over tool. So – #weighitgirl

3.  I’ve never been happy with my body, but I’m getting older. It’s time to buck up and accept my curves. For Christmas, my parents gave me personal training sessions at my gym. I’m going to take what I learn from those sessions and push myself.


– I’m currently at 27% BMI, I would like to get to 24% by July 3 (my 26th birthday).  I’m going to concentrate on losing weight and gaining muscle. The reward for 24% – LuLuLemon Pants!!!

– Feeling happier and more confident.

– Planning meals and snacks for the week so I don’t dip in energy/willpower mid-afternoon.



P.S.  I’ve been following Mama Laughlin‘s blog for a while, which led me to Elle Noel. Feeling super motivated by them.

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  1. You can do it!!!! I won’t bring temptations, but a treat every now and then that you choose is ok. You just have to give up something else! You have identified 3 things that will help you, and you have a reasonable goal. You can do it!

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