Sip & Stroll

This weekend is the Gig Harbor (WA) Food and Wine Festival and it kicked off last night with the “Sip & Stroll” which was a wine, beer, liquor and food tasting all along the beautiful Gig Harbor waterfront.  The Gig Harbor Food and Wine Festival is in it’s fifth year, but this was the first year for the Sip & Stroll, which will surely become the festival’s staple kick-off for years to come.  One of many highlights shown below from Heritage Distilling Company’s tasting room, where they were serving up an array of classics with a twist:

Heritage Distilling Co. Sip&Stroll

Bevanda (n): Italian working meaning: drink, beverage, or fizz. By: Heritage Distilling Co.



Kikoys from Mombasa

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful coast of Kenya-Diani Beach, Mombasa.  I got a chance to get out of the city with some truly genuine people and found what has become one of my favorite Kenya souvenirs-the kikoy.  They can be used as a sarong, wrap, head cover, towel, scarf, blanket or really anything you want.  For awhile, I was accidentally calling them kiokos, which incidentally is a common African last name and was causing a lot of confusion when I was asking the women on the beach if they were selling Kiokos….

Several of the kikoys I bought at Diani Beach

Kikoys can be bought for about 500 ksh (roughly $6.50) with some bargaining.  The ones that I especially love with towels sewn on one side (shown in photo above-purple stripe one side, solid purple towel other) can be bought for about 900 ksh (roughly $10.50) with some serious bargaining.  One late afternoon on the beach, on the suggestion of my new friend, Philip, I took a picture of the women who sell the kikoys leaving after a days work.

I think this picture is really beautiful.
Thank you for the kikoys, women of Kenya.

I am planning another trip to the coast in November, it is safe to say I will be on the lookout for more kikoys.



Public Art: Melting Ice Cream Truck

Love this Melting Ice Cream Truck sculpture by The Glue Society.  It reminds me of hot summer days, hearing the music miles away and begging our parents for money for a Choco Taco!

(via Honestly WTF)



Fire Christmas trees!


We spent this weekend at the cabin, which is on Priest Lake in North Idaho. We were there for some friend’s wedding and also to help my parents close the cabin down for the winter. Part of the clean up included a massive beach fire to get rid of a pile of fallen tree remnants. I was tossing big pine cones into the fire and they were burning to look like tiny flocked Christmas trees. Awesome.

Did you guys have a good weekend? Spend any time outside?

xx -h

Refreshing art

Last week, the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City was home to the Altitude Design Summit, a conference dedicated to those obsessed with all things design. While I wasn’t able attend, I couldn’t help but take notice of what people were talking about on Twitter.

I’ve been paying casual attention to the blog for a while now, but one thing that recently caught my eye was these antler/flower photographs by Keri Harer available on Etsy here starting at just $30.

Photo: Kari Herer's Etsy Page

What are your thoughts?