Sip & Stroll

This weekend is the Gig Harbor (WA) Food and Wine Festival and it kicked off last night with the “Sip & Stroll” which was a wine, beer, liquor and food tasting all along the beautiful Gig Harbor waterfront.  The Gig Harbor Food and Wine Festival is in it’s fifth year, but this was the first year for the Sip & Stroll, which will surely become the festival’s staple kick-off for years to come.  One of many highlights shown below from Heritage Distilling Company’s tasting room, where they were serving up an array of classics with a twist:

Heritage Distilling Co. Sip&Stroll

Bevanda (n): Italian working meaning: drink, beverage, or fizz. By: Heritage Distilling Co.



Pendleton Chair Inspiration

Yesterday my sister-in-law posted this pic on instagram.



My response is pretty clear and warranted.  That chair is amazing.  Further stalking shows that is a fixture at Under the Needle Tattoo in Seattle.  I can’t get it out of my mind!  My love for Pendleton is deep.  A couple weeks ago my friend Lindsey picked up a couple of chairs for me at Goodwill. I need to get them from her soon, and now I’m thinking that this style could be a great way to go on the re-upholstery.



Taking inspiration from this image:


There are lots of Pendleton and Hudson blankets on ebay, but is it terrible to cut one up just to reupholster something?  I’m kicking myself for not buying a patched Hudson last year at a thrift shop in Port Townsend – it was only $25 and it would’ve been perfect for something like this!

What do you guys think? Worth using a blanket for or should I find a similar geometric pattern at the fabric store?





Thursday Inspiration

When we were kids we went to a family reunion for my dad’s side of the family.  We stayed with some people in Lodi, California,  I don’t even remember what the relationship was, but I do remember that they had this beautiful backyard with a pool.  For years after (and probably before) we BEGGED my parents to put one into the backyard.  I mean – they have the space.  They never did – something about cost, liability, and maintenance.  I can’t blame them for being practical.  Still, on hot summer days, I can’t help but remember that awesome pool from the family reunion house and dream about plunging into the cool water.

Friday Pinspiration: Herringbone Tile

I’m dreaming of updating our kitchen with new floors, painting the cabinets, getting a fridge that actually fits in the fridge space and converting to a gas range.  We’re still probably over a year out on a kitchen renovation, but it’s always good to keep some inspiration for saving those pennies.

kitchenherringbonetileImage via Blue Tea

I’m loving this herringbone subway tile backsplash, grey marble counter top, and blue cabinets.  It is so bright and the light reflects nicely.

Happy Friday!

Set a positive intention for today and have a wonderful Easter weekend!



Pop Fizz Clink

Pop Fizz Clink

Last year Kate Spade came out with a line of cheeky tech products and bags featuring the words #popfizzclink and #baconeggandcheeseplease. You guys – I was and still am obsessed. First of all – I love champagne. Second of all … Continue reading

Garden Guest Room

It has been an evolving task to get everything settled into our new house.  We’ve been here for nearly a year and we’re starting to get used to the space.  One of my favorite rooms to decorate has been our guest room.  When we moved in, there were glow in the dark stars painted in a border around the ceiling and enough holes in the walls I can still tell where there are spots I missed with the spray texture.  The green paint color became a guide for the whole decor scheme.

IMG_7681Bedding – Cynthia Rowley via TJMaxx
Vintage window – Craiglist
Lamp – Ikea
Nightstand – $5 from Relay for Life Garage Sale painted with ACE Gloss Purple Spray Paint

IMG_7682Curtains and curtain rod – Pottery Barn via Garage Sale
Bamboo Ladder – Craigslist (West Elm makes one similar but says sold out right now)
Towels – Target

I’m constantly scouring Craigslist for elements that have a bit of personality.  If you are looking for something for your place let me know and I am happy to send some CL finds your way.

There are still a couple things left to do in this room including replacing the current overhead light and replacing the closet door pulls. (I picked up some at Anthropologie on sale, but realized that each room has 2 closets with 2 doors meaning 4 total pulls needed per room. *ding dong moment).



These mittens are awesome!

My friend sent me the link to Astis Mittens today and I was instantly smitten.  Obvi, I appreciate a brand who’s logo states “Stay warm, stay positive.”   Warm hands always equal happy thoughts.  I have a feeling that as soon as you slip your hands into that leather that is lined with moisture wicking polertec, they are instantly cozy.  My favorite is the Sacagawea, the print reminds of Scandinavian art and the tan leather combined with greyish fur is so versatile.  These babies are a splurge, but the Astis site promises your hands will stay toasty whether you are skiing deep in the backcountry or running errands around town and that they will last you for-ev-er.

AstisSacagaweaAstis Sacagawea – $195

Wearable art, I’m so in.



My favorite things about Nairobi

As a begin to pack my things and prepare for the journey home, I have been reflecting about the things I like about Nairobi.  The truth is, it’s a hard place to love.  With a nickname like, “Nairobbery” you are constantly on the lookout.  The upcoming election brings fear of the reoccurring violence Kenyan elections are known for.  Luxury weekend getaways such as Mombasa and Lamu have become notorious unsafe places for travelers.  The city is filthy and littered with garbage and holds the absolute worst traffic known to man.  Despite all this, I have found things that I really love about this place…

  • Mangos are not seasonal, in fact they are good all the time.  Once you get the hang of how to cut into them, you are golden.


  • Every ex-patriot wants to be your friend.  They have all been there – in a foreign place where they know no one – it’s like a secret society where everyone is nice.  I love it.  They all have connections all over the world too, so they say things like, “if you ever go to…call me and I’ll have my friend show you around”.  So in return to you friendly people – call me if you come to Seattle.
  • I have met more people from more different places in the last three months than I have my entire life.  Here are the origins, from what I can remember, of the people I’ve met here (I’m sure I’m forgetting some):
    • Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Tanzania, Spain, Ireland, New York, California, Tennessee, Sweden, Japan, Virginia, Austria, Germany, France, Zambia, Namibia and Rwanda
  • Outside of the city, it’s really beautiful.  You see more exotic (and some not-so-exotic) animals than you can in a zoo.  Let me see if I can name all the ones I’ve seen:
    • Elephants, Rhinos, Flamingos, Monkeys, Baboons, Zebras, Antelope, Gazelles, Geckos (in my house!), Ostriches, Horses, Camels, Lizards, Giraffes, Cows, Cats, Dogs, Chickens, Goats and Donkeys
  • A lot of things you can buy are benefitting something.  For example:
    • The bag I referred to in the What’s Not to LOVE? post I did last week gives proceeds back to the fishermen and their community in Lamu, Kenya.
    • Kenana Knitter Critter creates charming designs using all-natural homespun wool bought from local Kenyan women.  Money earned by Kenana Knitters goes directly to the women who are able to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families through knitting adorable critters such as this owl-
Knitter Critter Owl

Knitter Critter Owl

    • Pendeza Weaving is a company that uses handspun yarn from locally grown organic cotton, sheared wool and silk to create amazing textiles.  Purchasing their products supports the Pendeza Weaving Project which helps to keep a child free from malnutrition, enable a child access education, enable the girl child access sanitary towels, enable a family access to clean drinking water, enable those living with HIV/AIDS access proper nutrition to boost their immunity, save the environment and decrease global warming and provide descent housing to the destitute community members of rural Bondo.
    • Proceeds from Mara wine go helping Kenyan women provide food, shelter and education to their families.  Proceeds can also help support their entrepreneurships.
Mara Wine - with wine jewelry!

Mara Wine – with wine jewelry!

  • There are some truly unique and fantastic gates and driveway entries around.



  • They have the highest quality coffee company – Dormans Coffee – in the world…though I might be bias!
  • Chai tea.  To follow up on the recipe from Chai on my Mind posted a couple months ago, I’ve learned that for the extra chai kick to your tea to add cinnamon and cardamon.
  • Stoney soda.  It’s a ginger soda with a zing!  Delicious!


  • Did I mention charming co-workers who bring me bananas?
Joseph and I

Joseph and I

There are lots of things I really like about Nairobi and the above only scratches the surface.



Luxury Bazaar

Last weekend Dormans was one of the vendors at a Luxury Bazaar that featured catering, fine wine, gourmet food, high fashion, designer cosmetics, eco furniture and live music.  I was pleasantly surprised that this Kenya Concierge guided event was handing out free Rift Valley Leather bracelets and champagne at the door.  While perusing around, champagne in hand, I tried pie from KOS Delights, got a foot massage from Nothing Like It, tried Browns Cheese and jellies, drank Sierra beer and Kenyan made wine, had sushi from Talisman restaurant and checked out MIA designs.  I, of course, also enjoyed Dormans, who was handing out coffee samples and selling a special blend of espresso.  They were also selling coffee accessories, spices, salts and chocolate.  Every time I passed by, I was happy to see that there was a line of people waiting for coffee samples.

I heard people saying that the bazaar wasn’t very big, but I liked the intimate setting under a tent as the Nairobi rain misted the outside.

The entrance to the Luxury Bazaar

Talisman sushi making

Inside the Luxury Bazaar

Browns Cheese

Dormans Coffee – Happy workers!