Packed Party – Yes, Please

My friend Allyson, posted a pic on Instagram of a Packed Party, and I was like, uhm, excuse me, what is that. Instant follow.  Now, I’ve done a little more research and I love this concept!  I have a couple go-to gifts for my gals for birthdays, break ups, house warming prezzies, engagements, and babies, including Glassy Baby and BKR.  Now, I’m adding Packed Party as well.


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Still need to get your Mom something for Mother’s Day, the “You Pampered Thing, You” is a great option.


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Confused? Their “How it Works” page explains it all.  You don’t know what you’re going to get, but they promise excellence.  I can tell by the Instagram teases, you won’t be disappointed.



The Uncommon Gift…

Do you get an insane amount of catalogs? My parents definitely do, I can’t help but think it is such a waste of paper, that is until something completely unexpected shows up in the catalog repertoire. This week it was from Uncommon Goods. This catalog is stocked full of gifts that would actually fit for every single person I would ever need to buy gifts for. (I’m not endorsed by them, they have no clue who I am.) I know there is someone on your list (Dad) that is really difficult to buy gifts for, and I’m telling you this place has everything. Here is my top picks from Uncommon Goods of items that I giggled, pointed out, or put in my mind-pocket for later.

photo: Uncommon Goods

1. The Shark Socks: “Oh excuse me while I cross my legs, AWWW there is a shark eating my ankle!”

photo: Uncommon Goods

2. For my favorite penguin lover, the Zenguin Tea Cups, not just for sipping tea these could stash hairbands, paper clips, or whatever. So adorable.

photo: Uncommon Goods

3. The Spiky Owl Balancer Stake: I have a minor obsession with owls as is, I love how cute they are, and I can picture this as something unexpected in someone’s front yard.

photo: Uncommon Goods

4. The State Kitchen Towel, for someone who lives away from home, or has lived in a different state, or for the couple that met someplace random. A simple, yet memorable way to incorporate a meaningful spot into their home. Also available in region or city.

photo: Uncommon Goods

5. For the prankster on your list, the Glass Water Faucet, the mature way to induce a double take.

I could spend all day adding to this list – I would totally recommend checking out the site to find something for that person that is a little difficult to buy for.