glassybaby 2nds sale

glassybaby 2nds sale

It’s wall to wall packed and I’m frantically looking around for S.  Panic in my eyes, a lady whispers, “Need a light?” I nod enthusiastically and she shines it into the grayish/blue candle holder.  Sarah appears out of nowhere and … Continue reading

Back to Reality

Back to reality after spending my birthday and the 4th of July weekend at our family cabin on Priest Lake in Idaho.  It was a blast having both my siblings, parents, and some of my best friends there!  After the drive home one of my bff’s, picked me up and surprised me with tickets to the Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, 98 degrees concert.  Actual LOLZ for days!  Then yesterday, I played in a golf tournament to support the Mary Bridge hospital with a friend who works for the Tacoma Rainiers.


New glassybabys in my current favorite color scheme.


Priest Lake storm rolling in.

Great vacations lead to tough work weeks.  Get on the grind, be productive, and think efficiently!