Tuesday Shoesday: DV Dolce Vita Jentry

Last year in the Nordstrom Catalog there was a slew of spring time booties including the DV Dolce Vita cutout back Jentry.  I was obsessed.  Recently, I found them at Nordstrom Rack, scooped them up protectively.  I nearly wore them out of the store and have been wearing them practically daily since.
Dolce Vita Jentry Booties Set

Zella legging ($58) / Dolce vita shoes  ($48 at the Rack) / J Crew  Necklace / Factory chambray shirt ($46)
I wish I could find them tan color as well because I can already tell these will be a wardrobe staple for me.

Tuesday Shoesday: Oxblood Gold Metal Cap

Cue the shoe dreams. I am officially obsessed. Oxblood is clearly the color of fall 2012, seen on nails, corduroys, shoes, peplum tops, scarfs – it is everywhere. I am definitely on board and even more ready to be in a relationship after seeing these shoes.

Via Asos, the Dune Balmoral Metal Toe Cap Court Shoe ($170).

Come to me, you gorgeous shoe, you.




Tuesday Shoesday: Pumped up Kicks

You know that song, Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People? I thought the lyrics were “run faster then your grandma” for the longest time. Apparently, that isn’t true. Anyways, when you want to make a pumped up statement reach for those platforms that are sky high. No, you can’t walk in them for more then 10 minutes. Yes, they look hot as hell.

At 5″ these Ann Taylor Dana Leather Platform Sandals are a force to be reckoned with. I’m picturing these babies with a pair of white jeans, a flowy top, and a smoky eye for a night out.




Tuesday Shoesday: Frye Flats

Last week I was dinking around downtown waiting for a friend to get off work before we heading to the stadium for a ballgame. I popped into Nordstrom to peruse for 20 minutes or so. After a pass through the shoe department, I decided to try on a pair of $59.95 bp. flats. The kind sales person brought back a pair of $149.95 Frye Carson flats, explaining that they didn’t have my size in the shoe I originally requested. I know we have all been there, the sales person brings out a shoe more than twice your budget and you cringe, try it on and politely say that it doesn’t fit (aka: I can’t afford these).

Lucky for the sales person, this tactic typically works on me and this time they got me again. They were comfortable, cute, versatile and are Frye, so they will last (see me justifying…). If you are in the market for some expensive, but very well made, leather flats – these are the ones. I went for the “silver multi”, but they come in black, cognac, violet, green, orange, white and bronze leather.



Tuesday Shoesday: Aren’t half sizes funny?

A couple of weeks ago I woke up and performed my morning ritual – checking flash sale sites.  I’ve learned through the years that checking these sites in the morning, right after you wake up, is the worst time.  You’re disoriented, tired and capable of making really compulsive online purchases.  Okay I admit, I’m no stranger to online compulsive shopping, but this particular time takes the cake.  I found the Matisse Hendrix sandal on Hautelook.com for $34.  A shoe that sold for $140 when it first came out.  Unfortunately, the 8.5 was sold out.  In my delusional online shopping frantic state I put the 8 in my cart, and decided that the leather straps will maybe stretch.  The truth is, the only shoe I own in an 8 is an UGG Boot and any other size 8 shoe is a thing of my fifth grade past.  Still, I crossed my fingers with hope.  I could tell the second I pulled them from the box that I was pushing my limits.  Sure enough, too small.  Aren’t half sizes funny?

Lucky for H, they fit her and I didn’t have to deal with returning.

Matisse Hendrix Sandal

The Matisse Hendrix Sandal can currently be picked up in Black, Tobacco and Beige at endless.com for $89.05.   Endless offers free shipping and returns, so if you jump on these babies and order a half size wrong, Endless has you covered.



Tuesday Shoesday: Ode to the Boat Shoe

The Sperry Top-Sider is said to have been invented after Paul Sperry wanted to create a shoe that mimicked the pads of his dog, who was adept at walking on wet surfaces without slipping. Now, although I don’t spend much time sailing myself, I can’t help but find myself slipping into my own pair of Topsider’s throughout the spring, summer, and fall when I want something that is a little more casual then the ballet flat and offers the comfort of a tennis shoe.  This navy/plaid version is prepster, which I find myself embracing for my work look this summer.

Photo: Nordstrom

The bonus of being on sale due to Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is tempting me even more.  Are you wearing boat shoes this summer?



Tuesday Shoesday: Hunter Rain Boots

This 5-day blurb in the weather has got us Washingtonians remembering where we are from.  Same as the population quadruples when the sun comes out, people skulk back into their homes at the first sight of rain.  I for one, have not forgotten my roots.  This morning I slipped on my Hunter Rainboots and wore them out of the house like I was walking the runway.  Although Hunter makes a variety of styles, my favorite is the Original Tall, which comes in a variety of colors, both matte and glossy.  I have the glossy black, which are perfect with almost any rainy day outfit.  I’ve seen them worn many ways, and a bright color with a dress for the summer’s warm rain is adorable.  They even sell Welly socks to go inside to keep your feet extra warm on cold days.  Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer these designer rain boots are a must for anyone living in the Northwest!  The Original Tall can be found at Nordstrom for $125, and the Welly sock inserts can also be found at Nordstrom for $30.

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots



Tuesday Shoesday: Nudes

I am loving the neon and brights trend for spring.  I love it so much that I almost forgot about my love for nudes.  Recently, I bought a bright color-blocked dress (the dress is pictured below) and was pondering the shoes to go with.  At first I was wondering about another bright, maybe a hot pink?  Too much.  It wasn’t until a noticed another item in my closet – a striped neon yellow and tan top – that I realized what I needed: nude.  A simple nude had completely slipped my mind!  Nudes are the perfect pairing the bright color trend.  They perfectly complement wild colors and even prints.


Photo from ideeli.com
Dress by LOVE… ADY

I love these patent “bronzed clay” wedges from J.Crew.  They could be worn casual or dressed up and the wedge makes them totally wearable all day.

Photo from JCrew.com

For something that is a little closer to earth, try these patent flats in the same “bronzed clay”.

Photo from JCrew.com

Tune in next week for another edition of our Tuesday Shoesday!



Shoe Years Resolution?: Kitten Heels

If you’re anything like me, you have a tough time resisting a sky high heel.  I have become so familiar with lying through my teeth in response to, “Those shoes are so cute, but high!  Do they hurt your feet?”.  I always respond with something like, “Oh no, I could run a marathon in these!”  What I mean is- they hurt, badly.  I find excuses all night to sit down or find something to lean against and people may or may not be starting to wonder if they should cut me off from the wine.

Excuses aside, in 2012 I am resolving to give my aching soles a rest and put on some kitten heels.  My personal definition of a kitten heel is 3 inches max, single sole (no platform).  This Michael Kors pump would be a perfect start to my new PRACTICAL shoe collection.

Found for $195 at www.Nordstrom.com

Happy New Years everyone.  We are already 16 days into the new year, but it isn’t too late to think of a way to shape up your life in the upcoming year…even if it is just by starting with a pair of shoes.


Remember these?! I do…

I may or may not have been stalking this pair of Michael Kors shoes since March….(I have, there is proof.)

What arrives at the doorstep today?!

photo: HH


There is nothing more wonderful then a surprise, whatever it may be.  Something someone says, a bouquet of flowers, breakfast or coffee already made when you wake up, or a pair of shoes that you have been stalking for 4 months.  You may be the type of person who snoops until you find out what you’re getting for Christmas or your birthday (I am) or you may be the kind of person who accepts the surprise aspect of it (I respect you).  I’m going to start making a conscious effort to let surprises be surprises from now on, because that is what makes them wonderful.