Shoe Years Resolution?: Kitten Heels

If you’re anything like me, you have a tough time resisting a sky high heel.  I have become so familiar with lying through my teeth in response to, “Those shoes are so cute, but high!  Do they hurt your feet?”.  I always respond with something like, “Oh no, I could run a marathon in these!”  What I mean is- they hurt, badly.  I find excuses all night to sit down or find something to lean against and people may or may not be starting to wonder if they should cut me off from the wine.

Excuses aside, in 2012 I am resolving to give my aching soles a rest and put on some kitten heels.  My personal definition of a kitten heel is 3 inches max, single sole (no platform).  This Michael Kors pump would be a perfect start to my new PRACTICAL shoe collection.

Found for $195 at

Happy New Years everyone.  We are already 16 days into the new year, but it isn’t too late to think of a way to shape up your life in the upcoming year…even if it is just by starting with a pair of shoes.


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