Spring Break-I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it

Seattle –> Las Vegas –> San Diego –> Anaheim –> Seattle –> Bellingham

For my last spring break in college, I went on a whirlwind of adventures in different cities and came to several conclusions.

1.  Las Vegas IS sin city.  I would like to plan a trip there once a month.

Four of us girls got on a plane at 6:45 am to head to Sin City for a couple of nights.  When we arrived at the Las Vegas airport at 9:30 am, I was surprised to find slot machines.  I tried my luck, and lost the first of many dollars.

The first night we went to the Marquee, a nightclub that is three stories, each of which held a very different vibe.  Cabanas and tables cost $10,000 and a bottle of Grey Goose goes for a mere $3,000.  Needless to say, we made friends.

A peek at the Las Vegas strip at night

The next day we made our way to the Palms for the MTV Spring Break pool party!  Look for Courtney and I front row at the concert on MTV airing April 2nd!

MTV Spring Break at the Palms

The last night was filled with much of the same-confetti and bubbles falling from the ceiling, bottle service and sore feet.  We left the city the following afternoon wishing for just ONE (or two or three) more nights, but not after learning the meaning of casino war and roulette.  I wish I would have taken time to see a show or two, but I’ll make sure I fit that in for my no-doubt trip back soon.

2.  San Diego is full of beautiful people and scenery.  Children are scarce.  I would like to move there.

From Las Vegas, Courtney and I had a short plane ride to San Diego.  We stayed with a friend, Megan who we are forever grateful for.  We found out fast that life in San Diego pretty much is like being on spring break all the time.  There are lots of slushies, rooftop parties, interesting people from all over, places to artificially surf, good food, strong drinks, seals, caves and really great bars with secret doors!  I think it is better that I show you some of our experiences in San Diego rather than tell you…

The first of many slushies. Red Bull vodka

Slushie Bar

Poolside at a rooftop party!

We went down a long dark scary staircase to get to this great cave

Not too shabby for us Washington girls!

We got so close to these adorable creatures-seals

Gorgeous San Diego

Gas Lamp District

The hidden door at Syrah Wine Bar-Alice and Wonderland themed

At Syrah Wine Bar sipping on prosecco

3.  Disneyland is fun, but crowded.  I enjoy visiting, but not too often.

We saw more children in the lobby of our hotel than we had seen the previous six days in Las Vegas and San Diego.  Downtown Disney is the area full of shops and restaurants between the California Adventure and Disneyland parks where there was a free concert getting put on my some very talented U.S. Army soldiers.

Despite the weather forecast for rain the next day, the high clouds and warm air was promising…at first.  We dipped into an Aladdin show just as the rain began and by the time we got out it was pouring over California Adventure and Disneyland.  For a place that is supposed to be the “Happiest Place on Earth”, there was an awfully large amount of grumpy looking people in their Disneyland ponchos.  The rain didn’t get us Washington girls down though!  Courtney even opted for one of the adorable ponchos, I thought I could stick it out without.  I admit, I had to hunch up under her poncho a couple of times.  When our shoes had turned to swimming pools, we headed back to the hotel to blow dry our clothes and recharge.

We were able to snap this pic of us before we got too wet!

One of many shots from the Aladdin show

Grumpy people in ponchos

We weren't grumpy!

When we walked back to California Adventure for the “World of Color” show, described as a mixed water, light, fire and smoke show, again the weather looked promising.  After a quick stop at the Corn Dog Castle, we settled in to watch the show.  The pictures below don’t do justice on how cool it was.  Then the rain came, and the wind. Before we knew it, a combination of the rain and the water show was blasting us full force in the face.  That was enough for us, so we took off toward Space Mountain.  We rode Space Mountain and Star Tours before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

World of Color


World of Color

World of Color

My favorite rides were:

  • Space Mountain
  • Soarin’ California
  • Tower of Terror

The next morning was almost surreal to head home.  We got into SeaTac and immediately headed for Bellingham with long faces wishing we could go back in time a week and start the whole thing over.



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