Luxury Bazaar

Last weekend Dormans was one of the vendors at a Luxury Bazaar that featured catering, fine wine, gourmet food, high fashion, designer cosmetics, eco furniture and live music.  I was pleasantly surprised that this Kenya Concierge guided event was handing out free Rift Valley Leather bracelets and champagne at the door.  While perusing around, champagne in hand, I tried pie from KOS Delights, got a foot massage from Nothing Like It, tried Browns Cheese and jellies, drank Sierra beer and Kenyan made wine, had sushi from Talisman restaurant and checked out MIA designs.  I, of course, also enjoyed Dormans, who was handing out coffee samples and selling a special blend of espresso.  They were also selling coffee accessories, spices, salts and chocolate.  Every time I passed by, I was happy to see that there was a line of people waiting for coffee samples.

I heard people saying that the bazaar wasn’t very big, but I liked the intimate setting under a tent as the Nairobi rain misted the outside.

The entrance to the Luxury Bazaar

Talisman sushi making

Inside the Luxury Bazaar

Browns Cheese

Dormans Coffee – Happy workers!



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