Wonderful Gift Guide 2012

1000 Wonderful Things Gift Guide
1. Clover necklace for my sister-in-law who loves green and her Irish heritage.
2. Monogrammed red leather bag for Mom who totes reading material everywhere.
3. Rope towel rack for…me? ….
4. Festive air plants for my bffs, my co-workers, everyone in my family. Okay I’m slightly obsessed.
5. Cantaloupe vegatabowl for my future sister-in-law who loves to entertain, my sister who will be moving out on her own soon, or my mother-in-law who always has fresh fruit on her dining table.
6. Kaleidoscope kit for my adopted sister-in-law who is 8 and super creative.
7. Monogrammed log holder that can hold blankets, toys, games, or…logs.
8. Latitude/Longitude key chain for everyone in the family with our cabin’s coordinates.
Maybe I should have waited to post this until AFTER Christmas.

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