These mittens are awesome!

My friend sent me the link to Astis Mittens today and I was instantly smitten.  Obvi, I appreciate a brand who’s logo states “Stay warm, stay positive.”   Warm hands always equal happy thoughts.  I have a feeling that as soon as you slip your hands into that leather that is lined with moisture wicking polertec, they are instantly cozy.  My favorite is the Sacagawea, the print reminds of Scandinavian art and the tan leather combined with greyish fur is so versatile.  These babies are a splurge, but the Astis site promises your hands will stay toasty whether you are skiing deep in the backcountry or running errands around town and that they will last you for-ev-er.

AstisSacagaweaAstis Sacagawea – $195

Wearable art, I’m so in.



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