Easter Cupcakes

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it has the best candy, signals the beginning of spring, the start of the farmer’s markets for the season, and fresh flowers are a billion times more accessible via my yard.


This year my brother and his fiance hosted a fantastic brunch at their new house in Seattle.  It’s an older home that they have transformed to be the perfect balance of thrifted finds and modern touches.


A couple weeks before Easter I was shopping and happened into the candy aisle (I generally avoid that area at all costs, but R loves those Reeses’ Eggs) and I saw edible grass, the kind you would use to fill Easter baskets.  I figured I could use it somehow.


The stuff was kind of weird and oddly stiff, so I ended up cutting it into small pieces and sticking it into the frosting on mini cupcakes to create tiny little nests.


Sah cute! Sah nom!

Vanilla Bean Cupcake recipe from Joy the Baker.



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