Packed Party – Yes, Please

My friend Allyson, posted a pic on Instagram of a Packed Party, and I was like, uhm, excuse me, what is that. Instant follow.  Now, I’ve done a little more research and I love this concept!  I have a couple go-to gifts for my gals for birthdays, break ups, house warming prezzies, engagements, and babies, including Glassy Baby and BKR.  Now, I’m adding Packed Party as well.


photo: via

Still need to get your Mom something for Mother’s Day, the “You Pampered Thing, You” is a great option.


Photo: via


Confused? Their “How it Works” page explains it all.  You don’t know what you’re going to get, but they promise excellence.  I can tell by the Instagram teases, you won’t be disappointed.



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