Red, White and Stripes

There used to be only two options when it came to wearing stripes.  You could look fat or you could look thin, depending horizontal versus vertical direction.  Well, I say there is much more to stripe-wearing than that.  I think other people have noticed too because stripes are on everyone you see this summer.  So with the upcoming holiday that often features red, white, blue, stars and of course STRIPES, I challenge you to embrace the trend.

Dare to go against the grain with this oh-so flattering horizontal striped top.  Found at Nordstrom for $44.

Or try this maxi skirt (also so in right now) with a red top to complete your patriotic colors.  Also found at Nordstrom, for $58.

Any way you wear them this Fourth of July, you’ll be sure to be looking classic American.  Just the way you should celebrate the birth of our nation!



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