Oh wonderful Caprese Salad….

If there is anything I am more obsessed with right now then stripes (I’ve been trying to tone it down, but ever since I was introduced to Pinterest, I had to make a whole stripes board) it is the caprese salad!  The caprese is the perfect summer snack or meal.

So let’s talk… tomato, we’re at the tail end of regular tomato season here in Utah.  It is short lived in these parts, first they come from the southern part of the state, and then from the northern part, and then they are done.  That is…until it’s heirloom tomato time!!! So, for your caprese, take your thick tomato slice, OR if you want to do a cute app, your plump little cherry tomato.

So you have your tomato, and then you take some mozzerella… big thick slices OR your ball of cheese.

Then you take your basil, mmm basil, and top it on your big think slices OR skewer it with your cherry tomato and ball of cheese.

Drizzle with a little olive oil, a little balsamic, a little salt and pepper…as S would say “muy deliciouso!”

Via Pinterest - http://terristable.blogspot.com/

Via Pinterest - http://terristable.blogspot.com/

But don’t stop at eating this for just an appetizer, I like to pair it with an over-medium egg for breakfast. (Is there anything better then an ooey-gooey egg yolk?)

photo: hh

Or for lunch or dinner, throw it onto some Italian bread and make it a sandwich or panini!  Anyway, hit up your local farmer’s market, grab some tomatoes and basil and if they have it mozzerella, and commit to a wonderfully delicious, fresh, and local appetizer or meal on these hot August days.


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