Slow Cookin’ is the Good-Oh Cookin’

I love cooking, so when my sister bought me my first Crock-Pot last year for my birthday, I was ecstatic.  However, being a slow cooker newbie, I found myself constantly making pulled pork or sweet and sour meatballs.  These classics are of course delicious snacks that everybody loves but I knew there was more possibilities out there.  This year I was gifted a Crock-Pot recipe book that has more than 500 recipes in it!  I went Crock-Pot Crazy.  Lemon and herb chicken, warm Moroccan-style bean dip,  Italian-style pot roast, tarragon carrots in white wine, apple and granola breakfast cobbler and wake-up potato and sausage breakfast casserole, just to name a few.  I don’t usually consider myself a stew person, but some of these recipes look too good to over look, such as the chipotle chicken stew.  Did you know that you can even make cereal snack mix or bread in a Crock-Pot?  Well you can!  Pictures to come, I will keep you updated on the feats and failures of the slow cooker!



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