Giraffe Life

Yesterday I went to a place just outside Nairobi called the Giraffe Center.  It was a beautiful place with many giraffes roaming around to see.  If you google “Giraffe Center”, you will find many pictures of people’s up close and personal contact with the giraffes.  I admit, after doing some research and seeing pictures of people getting their faces licked by giraffes, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get that same opportunity.  There were a lot of people there, so the giraffes needed a lot of coaxing to come close.  Although I didn’t get my face licked, I did get to feed a 7 month old giraffe named Abraham.  It was pretty amazing being so close to these creatures, I think they are truly amazing.

Feeding Abraham

Beautiful area for the giraffes to roam

There were warthogs too, but they aren’t quite as breathtaking as the giraffes…

I love this picture with the shadow of the giraffe






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