Maasai Market

Today, I visited Maasai Market in Nairobi and was pretty overwhelmed.  The bright colors everywhere are what immediately catch your attention and the range of product is immense.  There is handmade jewelry, baskets, bags, clothes, wooden kitchen utensils and much more.  However, the place is covered in “brokers” who take you around and tell you ridiculous prices for everything.  One tried selling me an item for 15000 KSH and I easily talked him down to 1500 KSH.  The brokers at the market have some pretty unique marketing tactics too, one told me that a particular piece I was looking at was so special it could be put in a museum when I was finished with it.  Luckily, I am a hard bargainer and got some great deals (I think?).  I left feeling pretty exhausted from all the bargaining and intense badgering.  Be warned: Maasai Market is not the place to go for leisure shopping.

Hope I can fit all the goods in my suitcase on the way home!



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