Night Shift

Manufacturing is a tough environment.  You rely so heavily on you’re suppliers to get you what you need to produce what the customers want.  If you can’t supply the customers immediately, they aren’t going to want to wait and they will go somewhere else for the business.  Luckily for Dormans, our Customers are pretty loyal and they WILL wait for backorders, which is exactly what many of them have had to do for our top selling blend, 3K.

Our packaging supplier got delayed on delivering almost two months, which dropping our stock down to zero.  Once the packaging material was delivered, there was only one option to catch up on stock: night shift.  Starting early this week, our roaster, grinder and packager have been running almost 24 hours a day.  This will most likely continue for several weeks until we are back on track.  Among many negative factors of the night shift, such as cost, I am missing some of my buddies during the day that had to switch to the night shift for the time being.

Hurry up and get the stocks up guys!


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