Safari Cat Dancers and Acrobats

Last night I went to Safari Park Hotel for dinner and a show.  To start, the hotel is amazing.  It has beautiful grounds and includes six restaurants, a casino and a nightclub.  I visited the Nyama Choma Ranch where they have a large variety of meats that are cooked in a massive barbeque at the entrance of the restaurant and the chefs walk around and serve you off the skewer.  I tried the lamb, beef, pork ribs, crocodile, ostrich and goat.

The menu at Nyama Choma

One of the chefs at Nyama Choma and the giant BBQ filled with meat

Getting my first piece of meat (pork ribs)

After dinner, there was a really fun show of dancing and acrobatics that was on the stage right in the restaurant.  From my table, I was basically front row.  The acrobats were my favorite, doing tricks like standing four people tall on each other’s shoulders and limboing under a flaming stick.  After the show, I sheepishly went on stage for a photo-op with the performers.

Safari Cat Dancers

Fire Limbo!

With the Safari Cats

All in all, it was a really fun night!  I would definitely recommend, that if you are visiting Nairobi, you go to Safari Park Hotel’s Nyama Chroma for dinner and see the Safari Cat Dancers and Acrobats.  The performance is every Saturday night at 9pm and the show is 500 KSH or free with dinner.




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