Upholstery can’t be that hard…right?

6 months ago, I decided to rip apart the upholstery on a chair at my parent’s house. It needed help bad, and I figured, how hard can this be? Slap some fabric on it, good as new right? NO. WRONG. Upholstery is difficult, time consuming, and your husband WILL NOT help you when the Broncos game is on.

Here is a photo of the chair before:

photo: hh

Fast forward 6 months. The  chair is still a work in progress, I got scared away when I started working on the cushion and it was very time consuming to sew the cording.

But guess what, I will finish this sucker. My new goal is to have it done by the end of April. Wish me luck, I will need it. Don’t make my mistake, sometimes hiring someone to do the re-upholstery job will be worth it. Although expensive, they would’ve had it done in at least 1/6 of the time it has taken me. And realistically, at the same cost that I’ve spent on this “little” project.



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