Surprise 35th Anniversary Party Cake

Last Saturday we celebrated our good family friends’ 35th Wedding Anniversary.  They got married in February of 1978 with their reception at the Tacoma Sportsman Club.  When I asked their daughter what I could help with, we agreed on dessert.  I asked her to send me a pic of their cake and told her I could probably re-create it.


In quite possibly my greatest cooking feat to date, I did that.

I ended up using a different cake recipe that what I had originally tried because the vote had been that the cake was too dense. That was maybe my only mistake. #humblebrag  The layers came out very moist and delicious, but I had troubles flipping them out of the pans.


After not 1, not 2, but 3 cakes I flipped stuck into the pan and crumbled as I tried to save them, I gave up and tried something new.  I made Ina Garten’s Chocolate Cake for the bottom layer.

For the filling, I used my mom’s homemade Raspberry Jam, a Blackberry Jam, and Nutella, because why the heck not get a little crazy and surprise people.

For the frosting, I used Sweetapolita’s Whipped Vanilla Frosting Recipe. It was the perfect consistency for both piping and spreading and not overly sweet


S had the cake flowers done by Ballard Blossom.  She said they were super helpful and worked with her to make them look exactly like the originals.

I am very proud of how it came out.




Original compared to mine.



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